Off The Grid

IMG_0150There is an yummy band wagon of food trucks that pulls up to various neighborhoods in San Francisco and provides gourmet food at a reasonable price. They call this food truck mobile city “off the grid“… Because it provides a nice meal to areas that a new restaurant normally wouldn’t have space to come into. It is a fun change of pace opening your world to new tastes not otherwise available to you.

This got me thinking- It might be nice to do a few things “off the grid” once in a while and see what great things are waiting there for me.ūüėĄ

In my world, it seems that a lot of my life is broadcast online- I choose it.

We have a baby church that is growing in part to our online presence and attention to it. I have family around the world and without social media it would be very time consuming and hard to stay in contact.

The drawback is the ever looming desire for “likes” or positive feedback. Sometimes it is like Christmas for a sanguine like me to see all the friends and family around the world who are keeping up with what I post.¬†And on the flip side It can at times feel disappointing if no one notices a post and or to have a bunch of notifications from one single person. It is honestly pretty ridiculous!

I even find myself ¬†“star-gazing” at the life, success, friendships, and church activities of friends and people I admire online…. It can be a source of encouragement & awe at what God is doing around the world or honestly at times invoke ¬†questions ¬†“am I effective enough” and ¬†accidental comparison. ¬†(never a good place to dwell)

I won’t ¬†be giving ¬†it all up anytime soon, because it is our world – to deny it or ignore the effect, gift & power of social media would be “ridiculous” as well.

But I felt the need to escape this world for a little while and reset my addiction to all things media. I needed to re-evaluate where God really wanted me in all the areas of involvement in my life. ¬†So I tested my “off the grid” idea this past week and to my surprise I loved it.

We took our first family time off since starting our church and went to my parents time share in Las Vegas for vacation.¬†Call it a media fast of sorts, but the reason I took a break was to give my family my full attention and provide extra time for God to speak to my heart. LIFE Is about the people in our real world. Sometimes we forget that. We forget to make memories – We need to remember to”go off the grid” every once in a while and notice the amazing things God has put right in front of us.

So without the need for approval from anyone but them – I read the bible and didn’t tweet it, I played with kids, listened to their funny quotes, visited fun places, and soaked in the sun…. and kept it all to myself, well kind of.

Vacation this time was no longer choosing to care about activity on Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, wordpress, vine, snap chat, or email and in return finding rest-

Rest that was not looking for likes, retweets and comments, rest for me was intentionally leaving work at home, rest was leaving the clock & phone behind and just enjoying life with my family! When you aren’t posting or pastoring social media… It doesn’t have the same pull. It was a natural rest as well as a spiritual “sabbath rest”.

In the end, I think the time was 100 percent more peaceful- I really felt as though I escaped and was able to rest. I want to challenge us all to take purposeful “vacations” from social media just to re-evaluate our dependence on them. I think it would be God honoring to have times when He is the only outside voice in our world… When we take note of real priorities… Where we get off the grid enough to see the real world.

It was worth it!

AND sooooo for my parents who generously helped us get time away at their resort and want to know how it was: ¬†here is what I would have posted ūüėé Thank you so much!

I do admit that I followed social media occasionally at my own whim, but choosing not to post, things like commenting, retweeting or liking things just didn’t seem as intriguing.

But I had so much fun on vacation that I couldn’t help journaling twitter style ūüėÜ Lol. And took lots of pictures. Here is a little of what we did this week:

We are headed to Las Vegas for a week of vacation- yay!…IMG_0171 IMG_0185 IMG_0184 IMG_0180 IMG_0177 IMG_0173 IMG_0168 IMG_0166 IMG_0165 IMG_0156 IMG_0152 IMG_0151 IMG_0150 IMG_0149 IMG_0148 IMG_0147 IMG_0144 IMG_0142 IMG_0124 IMG_0122 IMG_0115 IMG_0113 IMG_0112 IMG_0111 IMG_0109 IMG_0105 IMG_0099 IMG_0098 IMG_0097 IMG_0095 IMG_0090 IMG_0086 IMG_0084 IMG_0074 IMG_0073 IMG_0072 IMG_0069 IMG_0065 IMG_0064 IMG_0063 IMG_0062 IMG_0053 IMG_0055 IMG_0051 IMG_0047 IMG_0039 IMG_0044 IMG_0035 IMG_0027 IMG_0014 IMG_0018 IMG_0008 IMG_0004 IMG_0002 IMG_9999 IMG_9995 IMG_9997 IMG_9993 IMG_9991 IMG_9989 IMG_9988 IMG_9985 IMG_9983 IMG_9980 IMG_9979 IMG_9974 IMG_9975 IMG_9973 IMG_9972 IMG_9971 IMG_9970 IMG_9969 IMG_9965 IMG_9963 IMG_9955 IMG_9961 IMG_9956 IMG_9954 IMG_9953 IMG_9947 IMG_9945 IMG_9940 IMG_9938 IMG_9935 GPS has us on a dirt road…. corn fields for miles- Hope we make it to vegas today. lol.¬†

here are my twitter thoughts… see if you can match them to the pictures above.

-GPS has us on a dirt road…. corn fields for miles- Hope we make it to vegas today. lol.

-Wind storm in the Mohave Desert.

-Double, double made by the one and only Jaden.

-From one set of city lights to another. San Francisco to Las Vegas Wilkins Adventure.

-Las Vegas feels like I am sitting in a blow dryer.

-Palm trees, sun & water, 80 degree nights = perfect.
-1st Drive through downtown. And you should hear the  Clapping & screaming from girls when the eiffle tower comes into view.

Life with a big family means Paris Eiffel tower & Bellagio fountain show without getting out of car- while kids pick out their favorite attractions. Ethan’s was the Harley Davidson and the “BIG Guitar”

Las Vegas is truly a man made oasis in the desert- LOVING all the palm trees and fountains.

CityLIfe in Las Vegas… thinking of our church :o)
Jaden Can’t say “New YorK” It’s “You Nork” every time… we are loving it. Last time his funny saying was “lost vegas.” Jaden keeps the party going.
Discussion at dinner by the girls: ¬†mom- can we take over your you-tube account….”By the time we are 16 we will have 100,000 followers on y(our) you tube page”- erika; “no by the time you are 16 Taylor swift is gonna wanna be on our page.” JuJu
“It’s gonna be Legit” no, you ¬†know the name is “lej” it. – Lezaiah, erika & juju/Jaden

Candy crush addiction for fun… When you only go on Facebook and twitter to wait out the time left until your next candy crush life.

Rest is when you don’t twitter compare your life to those you follow

Sitting under the moon, pink clouds, dark blue sky, palm trees lit from the ground, blue lazy river to watch and a resting family by your side.,. With no electronics

Vacation is when you don’t know what time it is and you don’t care.

Chili’s for dinner- chili lime shrimp tacos… Vacation is amazing

And we are all Sunburnt to a crisp even with sunscreen on- I guess we forgot how to apply it- #pacificaLife #cityLife

Breakfast in bed made by hubby- this really is vacation!
My husband is the official chef on vacation- loving it!

I might have a slight addiction that I need to overcome… I’m exhausted, ready for bed, but there is only 15 mins til my next candy crush life… And I’m sure I will pass the level this time! Oh ya/and it’s quarter to 1am in the morning!

Wednesday-pool all afternoon. nothing else matters. loving it.

Rainforest cafe- a family tradition.

No sweaters, 100 degrees all week- ¬†we finally used all that “old east bay summer wear” ¬†#Fogust #CityLife

The nightly low is 20 degrees higher than our daily high ever is. #pacifica #cityLife

Vacation is doing nothing until noon

Jaden taking a midday nap. Completely abnormal.

How can you tell the parents are truly resting? The hotel room is trashed. Lol. #kidsAreOnVacationToo

Pool closed for lightening storm- movie time.

Circus circus adventure dome for a day of fun with the kids….adventure dome for the win!

Jadens first big boy roller coaster ride…

100degres and raining

Coach heaven

80 at 10pm- night swimming perfection. Beautiful with the palm trees all lit up.

And to end the last warm beautiful night with perfection aka Coffee Ice Cream while juju gives me a massage.

Last day of “summer” ¬†– pool, happy kids, warm breezy weather… Perfect.

And we are headed home. Starbucks for the ride.

My boys are singing McDonalds! McDonald’s! we wanna go to McDonald’s so much – (in unison)…ūüėě and giving sad embrace everytime we pass one- lol.

Life with kids is all about memories- Route 66 “train station” McDonalds’s stop for the boys.

Mohave desert. Another Sandstorm and rainbow .

There is no missing Harris Ranch on I -5… If you have driven by you understand. You Smell it a mile away.

Home sweet home!


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