When communication hurts.

Love hurts

A simple word today for me and for you about communication.

1) Stop running. What is seen as an intentional offense is often times simply a long standing lack of communication. The only way communication hurts is if it is simply not done at all.

Let me also clarify that I believe that real communication is talking about things in Love. It is not yelling or being angry while trying to prove a point. While communication itself is not easy and actually sometimes¬† the process hurts…. in the end it brings healing. Continue to talk in love about the issue until it is settled in your heart. Pretending an issue does not exist will not produce any good fruit. Sometimes we feel people are just too hard to talk to. Do it anyway.

2) YOU can only be hurt by people you care about. In Marriage, In life, in church, in relationships – face the issue in love. Do not be quick to react. If you are angry. STOP- pray and then respond. Reacting is an action based on immediate feelings. The kind of Responding that honors God is an action based on taking time to cool off, pray, try to see the whole picture and any problems in communication and then RESPOND in love.

3) NEVER make big decisions when hurt. Running from complications or ignoring them will only lead you back around to the problem but it will be blown out of proportion.

4) TALK to GOD about it first, get heart healed and then do your best to talk with people. If you have a problem with someone – Love them. Don’t push them away. Bring them close.

a final thought:

The heart of all matters can usually be fixed by looking into the Word of God and LOVING GOD with all your heart, soul and mind- and then loving others from the overflow of that relationship.

WE try to do it the other way around…. we go to God when we are lacking love for someone…. Hurt left in secret turns into bitterness and eventually hating every little thing about that person.

Hurt is usually started by lack of proper communication.

Communication is hard work and sometimes simply just hard all the way around, but don’t give up…. in the end the communication that really hurts is the one that was never started.


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