The story of the dishwasher.


I was newly married. I had just taken on the role of youth pastor with my husband, I was a brand new pastors wife and I had a ton of people to measure up to. One of whom, we had just invited over for dinner. We invited Joe and Danielle over for dinner, after a yummy dinner in our little apartment I quickly did the dishes, closed the sliding door to the kitchen and ran off to have some girl time in the other room with Danielle. About 20 minutes later, I went with Danielle to the kitchen to grab desert…… as I opened the door bubbles came flooding at me. The entire kitchen floor was covered in bubbles. I had run out of dishwasher detergent and used sink dish soap instead. I was humiliated. I had no idea this would happen. It would have been one thing to tell my husband, but to have made my mistake in front of our dinner guests….. all I could do was laugh. They all laughed with me and we had a great night despite the disaster.

dishwasherlol All it took was one time. I never made that mistake again. Dishsoap is not a good replacement for dishwasher detergent – got it! Just a quick reminder to someone out there. Your mistakes do not have to define you! How ridiculous it would be for me to put dish soap in the
Machine again… I know what the results are! Even if I run out of detergent for the machine, I am not ever tempted to use sink dish soap again! I would hate to clean up that mess again….But many of us do this in our walk with God…. We know how anger is going to play out, we know hanging out with this crowd is gonna lead to wrong decisions – put your mistake list here______. We all have them, it is what we learn from them and do when placed in that circumstance again the defines us.

Next time you know the right thing to do and are tempted to take a shortcut or make the same mistake I hope my dishwasher story as simple as it is will be stuck in your brain!

Learn from the mistakes you have made and ask God for help to do the right thing next time. No need to get discouraged with yourself- just learn & make a change! This simple process will help you grow in God, I promise!


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  1. says:

    Love this site


  2. says:

    Great story and asking God for help not to make the same mistakes. Right on time. Thank you


    1. bayareamomma says:

      LOVE u Christine! Come by the site again soon!


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