How I’m celebrating Christmas with my kids this year




Trying out a new Christmas tradition: my version of “Elf on the shelf” Fresh from a Pinterest idea – with a few twists of my own…. my kids met “MARY” tonight who introduced herself and told us about her “hot” fiancé “Joseph” – she gave us a scripture and told us about a journey we will go on…. Along the way, for 25 days, we will hear the “Baby Jesus story” – meet all the players of the nativity & read the story & watch the Jesus message as many ways as possible. Veggie tales is a favorite…..

We will combine, 25 days of Christmas, the advent, elf on the shelf & random acts of Kindness to blend into a super fun Holiday season.

Using Barbie, Ken, Wise men, Angeles, shephards, and maybe even a few visits from elf on the shelf… Our kids will find the players in a new place around the house, with a new piece of the Christmas story and a new fun Christmas adventure for the day….

Today’s adventure included family night watching the movie planes- they found Mary in the ice cream – getting a head start on our ice cream plans.

Let’s see how this goes: to make the adventure fit our crazy schedule, I am not writing out the cards until the night before.

Here are my current ideas for family fun in our area… Make your own and have fun. Hoping to add more random acts of Kindness in this year.

25 days of Christmas: 
1-set up Christmas tree – first ornament always manger scene ornament & decorate house for Christmas 
2- watch miracle on 34th street
3- visit christmas tree farm -ride train 
4-go ice skating in SF
5-go see SF zoo lights
6- make or buy Christmas presents for neighbors – deliver 
7- go Christmas light driving in sf with hot chocolate
8- go on adventure for fresh Christmas decor in neighborhood & finish decorating house
9-make gingerbread manger scene – deliver school teacher gifts
10- watch polar express & have party
11Baking party – fill up Christmas cookie jar… watch elf and make hot chocolate 
12- watch its a wonderful life- talk about wonderful life we have.
13- tell story of candy canes & Jesus
14- go Christmas mall exploring & shopping 
15-watch white Christmas & make paper snow flakes 
16-christmas pancakes, drink hot apple cider & light fire 
17- visit ghirradelli & pier 39 for christmas
18- ride a cable car
19- go see sf hotels – st. Francis gingerbread houses
20- go look at Macy’s windows & buy an ornament
21-Christmas movie night with new popcorn tin
22- union square Christmas fun adventure
23-annual crab feed
24christmas eve gift- read Jesus story
25- go to the movies


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  1. godschick says:

    What a great idea!!! I want to do this too! I need to get myself in gear like RIGHT NOW! Maybe I’ll try to make it the 12 days of christmas….from Dec. 12- 24 or something. So great! Thanks for posting!


    1. bayareamomma says:

      Looking for more great posts from your website soon too- you are a fantastic author!


      1. godschick says:

        Thanks so much! I loved your post this morning….kids and I are reading about Joseph in depth…and how he had to WAIT and go through suffering and he kept his heart right and eyes on God and God was with him, even though he didn’t know the outcome of all he went through. I think he’s one of my favorite’s in the Bible. I loved your post this morning. I have all these posts up in my head, but I haven’t made the time with these three little kids running around me. I guess I just need to make the time because I do love writing. See you soon maybe!


      2. bayareamomma says:

        It was from my devotions too. I have a bunch of thoughts recorded on youversion from my devotions…but who has time to blog it all. right? Especially as busy moms… Im posting a valentines day post too… I guess it is a blogging kind of day. lol.


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