the best date ever.

How to have the best date ever: even after 17 years of marriage. Today our little 2 hour getaway felt like a mini vacation. We laughed, talked, put away our phones, enjoyed a little dream time…. You see this next friday is Valentines day… but we are not celebrating on that day. I have admittedly been a high maintenance date…    valentines day has been a big deal to me.

I waited til I was 20 to have a valentine. That first valentines day was perfect, we had been dating almost a year, I was in love… I even remember what I was wearing… a perfectly 90’s flowing flowery dress, we got permission to go on a special “weekday date”… and we had Italian food, my fav.  …  my poor hubby has had to live up to all those  high school dreams… he has had to do it all.  We have probably had every kind of valentines date imaginable. He has gotten the chocolate, the cute animals, the cards, the flowers…. Until, well, none of it matters anymore.

But, I have come full circle….This year, we decided to skip the valentines day date. Nope we are not ignoring each other…  We are just over the madness valentines day has become. I know what true love is now. It is not in the gifts or dates. It is in the commitment, the everyday choice.

So we took our normal date night…. My hubby- amazing like He is… decided to make it extra special and chose the restaurant on the beach where we got engaged. We went out last Tuesday, there was no pressure, there were no crowds. It was just Him and I. It was my favorite date in a super long time. It felt like we had gone on vacation for the night… It was beautiful, thoughtful and romantic.

Today, Is my favorite date in a long time…. no expectations or frustrating valentines day lines…. you will find us spending time with our kids….  And I LOVE It.

True love is love you give away, not receive.

So The best date is: peaceful, thoughtful, lacking expectations, and satisfied with whatever comes…. just together, enjoying each other.

So in my opinion this was the best date ever…. Pictures from our 2 hour getaway spot last tuesday: :o)



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