By Faith

By Faith

1379404_10153304192805089_537168725_nEver get tired of waiting for the fulfillment of that “old” word from God? We often times wish we could receive a new word of encouragement. Harsh fact: by doing this, the Truth is we are not acting in faith, and allowing what God has already said to propel us forward. Yes, God can give us even more, a new word. But we do not need it. We walk by faith.

Think about the greatness of Joseph – Joseph did not receive a “new” word from God. All his fathers had heard directly from God about their Generation and what they would do. Joseph never got the promise of deliverance directly from God, He stood upon the promise his forefathers heard and spoke. He acted on an “old” word all his life and found amazing success. This kind of faith allowed him to hear directly from God for other people and be used in amazing ways. Even at the end it was a word his forefathers had received that he passed on. He spoke what he did on his deathbed, and had great faith in God throughout His life… all by faith. He found great favor from God because of it. It was a generational faith and blessing.

Let’s not get tired while waiting on a promise to be fulfilled. Don’t fall into the trap of waiting on new word from God… it will paralyze your faith. Let’s stand in faith for what He has already said. Let’s act upon it, like we believe it will happen. Stand up and do great things for God despite the delay of the promise. Be extremely fruitful in the meantime. Joseph did and so can We!


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