Valentines Day Grinch

ImageIn high-school, we had this thing called love week. It was the week of valentines day and  an effort to get people’s minds off the “couple factor”…. and the single awareness day aka: valentines day. We would pick out a random name and our job was to send that person a special something all week long, (guys with guys & girls with girls) but our identity would remain a secret. It was a fun way to celebrate friends.

So every year, we would arrange for sneaky ways to get the gift to our person each day. On the last day of the week we would finally reveal who we were. BUT it never really took the focus off of the couples of course, valentines day in high school was still a big deal and so was NOT having a valentine. No valentine = No special flowers, chocolates, dates… Valentines day was just single awareness day!!!!!

So, Since I did not have a boyfriend in high school,  a friend and I  decided that we were “love grinches”. It was our wall of protection from our singleness. lol. We had so much fun. So naturally, we were valentines day Grinch’s. We wore black instead of valentines colors and drove around in my beat up old car, eating anything but chocolate, feeling sorry for ourselves but having tons of fun…. We dubbed my car the “grinch-mobile”. I’m sure I would have loved for someone to come along and change my status from Grinch to taken on valentines day….

My first ever valentines date ….is my husband now. So poor husband (boyfriend then) had to live up to years of me dreaming what this would be like…. and he is still having too. lol.

This year, we decided to skip the valentines day date. Nope, I’m not a “love Grinch” again.  We are just over the madness valentines day has become. I know what true love is now. It is not in the gifts or dates. It is in the commitment, the everyday choice.

Today, Is my favorite valentines day in a long time…. no expectations or frustrations of what is expected on this day romatically…. you will find us spending time with our kids…. who need valentines day love more than we do. We will be making it about them. And I LOVE It. (and we took the time to have an early date already)

So word to the wise- don’t worry so much about Valentines Day and what it represents…. make your everyday life special. Enjoy your friends. Enjoy your family. Valentines day can just be an extra reminder of how much love is in your life…. True love is love you give away, not receive. This doesn’t have to be a depressing day.

So, Make up whatever fun thing you want, but enjoy valentines day regardless of whether you have a date or not. It doesn’t have to be about romantic love- it can be about celebrating those you love.


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