Dear San Francisco


Dear San Francisco:

You are a sleeping Giant.

You are a gateway to greatness.

You are a pacesetter and trend starter.

You are beautiful.

You have purpose and position.

All 7×7 square miles of you are distinguished & intriguing.

I was told our reputation went before us. I was told that we would be rejected.

I was told that it was a risk to come.

I was told that you thought we hated you or at least were intolerant towards you.

I get defensive when people call you names or judge you.

I believe in you.

Today is Sunday in The City.

Today there are people passionate for you that are meeting all over your city.

Today we stand united in our love for you.

I don’t believe the rumors that this will be a graveyard for us.

I believe that we will thrive here.

I believe in the purposes and plans of God for you.

I believe that the tide will turn.

I believe that we will be able to change the reputation of those who used our name in hate.

We stand on the shoulders of generations who have gone before us praying for you.

We are not praying for you to be destroyed, but to be built stronger. To be shown love.

Our God LOVES you.


We are passionate for you.

Some of you have been hurt, been burnt, been abused.

Some of you are successful. Some of you are homeless.

We love you all.

Today we are different communities all meeting for the same purpose – to ask God to bless you, to pour out His great love on you.

We are the church. No, not a building that is glorious. Or the people screaming hate at you from the sidewalk. That is not us.

We are people. Just like you.

Our home is not in a building but in creating family – in showing the same kind of love and grace we have been shown ourselves.

Some of us too have been hurt and abused…. but we have been healed.

Some of us found great success, but it didn’t satisfy our souls, We have found a joy that goes soul deep.

We know many of you once came and found a home among us….

We know for some reason we have hurt you or maybe you just grew out of love for us.

Even though each one of us differs; we stand united under one name – Jesus.

Yes, His name is scandalous. But is our freedom, our joy, our purpose.

We are crying out for our churches to overflow with people who know the love and acceptance of God.

We are praying that we can be the ones to show you that. To change the status quo.

We are not looking for fame or recognition, but you will find us serving you in any way we can.

Quietly we love in the streets, in the communities, in the schools, and among the hurting.

Oh that we would make a difference in your hearts.

Oh that you would see how much you are loved and accepted.

Oh that we could share our hearts with you.

Today – all over your city, Thousands of us come together. We are praying for God to come in power to show His love for you.

San Francisco you are a sleeping giant!

God’s love is breaking through the night.

Your Fog always lifts, the sun always shines again and your brilliance is revealed.

We won’t give up.

We have been sent here, each one of us, we love you.

Now is the time.

Why not San Francisco?

Could we live like God’s love for San Francisco is deeper than our hearts could fathom?

Yes – Our God is all He says, all he says He is – Jesus in your name we could change the world. We stand in your love, in your power, all you say we are, Jesus in your name we could change the world.

Dear Pastors: We are praying for you…. you have been called, anointed, and equipped for this.

We have thousands of people to reach with God’s love. We are not in competition. We are together on the winning team.

We pray that your church would be filled to overflowing, that your marriage would be strengthened, that  your family be fortified, that God would provide for your needs, that grace would overflow in your hearts and that the zeal of God would consume you.

You may feel the joy and excitement of serving and you may find yourself discouraged. The journey we are on can be exciting and yet rough.

It has been said that this city is a graveyard for Pastors, that most church plants don’t survive… that churches do not grow here, but look around… see what God is doing!

The tide is changing. Let’s celebrate one another. Let’s pray for one another. God is about to do a new work in San Francisco and He is going to use his church. You are not alone.

This song ministered to me…. Take a minute and reflect on where God has brought us this far, never once has HE left us on our own:


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