Standing up for San Francisco.

Directly from NOT FOR SALE Blog:

“On February 27th we will be standing with our EndIt Partners, and millions of people around the world, to say that together we can end human trafficking. On Thursday, join us in the movement to end slavery by adding your voice to the cause. Make sure everyone you know is aware of the realities of modern-day slavery.

First, there are more than 30 million people trapped in slavery today. More people now, than any other point in history. Second, slavery exists in many forms, like debt bondage, slave labor, and sexual exploitation. Third, you can make a difference in the lives of the most oppressed. Use your influence to shine a light on slavery, and show the world that you do not support slavery.

In It to End ItOn February 27th, spread the word that slavery exists by drawing a red X on your hand. Raise awareness and share the #enditmovement by talking, posting, tweeting, and instagramming your red X. Help re-abolish slavery by partnering with us to give freedom through monthly sustaining donations, every dollar helps. And make sure to stay updated all year long by signing up for the Not For Sale mailing list, and learn how to take a stand against slavery.

At Not For Sale, we are in it to end it. Make sure to check out the amazing work of our partners at Love146, IJM, Polaris Project, the A21 Campaign, ECPAT USA, Free the Slaves, Made in a Free World, World Relief, and World Vision. Join us.”


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