Opening Day

Screenshot 2014-04-01 02.02.47Today (March 31st) was opening day for baseball. Our champion SF Baseball team was away but the ballpark opened anyway. Even in a crazy rainstorm- opening day went down in history and the ballpark was open for free to watch the live feed of the game. Every year the end of season comes… sometimes it was a win, a near win and sometimes it was a loss… Some team members stay on board and some go…  Off Season is rest, recovery & strategy & prep time. Spring training is ready, set, go time. A  time to gear the team up & tune up for the season ahead…  Then comes opening Day and all over the US we celebrate it. Every year, opening day is exciting whether last year was a win or a loss… Opening Day is a reminder that this a new season to hope for victory and fight for it.

Church, we need to be more like this. We need to create Opening Day moments in our lives. A fresh start. We need to celebrate the new seasons God brings us into. We need to put last season behind us and start gearing up for the season ahead…We need to let go of dead weight and things that didn’t work. We need to get serious about our game again after a long season and gear up…drawing closer to God. What if Opening Day came every year in our Christian Walk too… Resetting to embrace each new season and we can  fight with all our might to win-  Leaving the past both victories and losses in last year, learning from and growing from past seasons but beginning again with hope.

So I challenge you….Let’s create an opening day in your lives for God to have fresh say in your lives and hearts. Reset the score, reset your mindset, renew your hope, renew your passion.

His Mercies are NEW EVERY MORNING!!! Get your fresh grace and mercy for the season you are in. Celebrate your Opening Day. It’s a new season!


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