71432_10153777862990089_411504813_nToday (March 31, 2004) I went out for coffee with my two girls who were out of school for the day. It was overcast and just barely sprinkling. On the way down we noticed the colors of the ocean and stopped to take a picture. It was pretty beautiful… the green and blue against the dark grey clouds behind the horizon… In only 3 mins- the time it took to get from the top of the hill to the starbucks below, It began to rain so hard that it felt like the days of Noah. I just imagined myself in the new movie… I  dropped the girls off at the door so they could stay a bit dryer… by the time the drinks were ready… the downpour was soo great that flooding had begun in the parking lot – mind you this was probably only 10 mins from that clear picture. The girls got completely soaked in 4ft of rain as I picked them up in front the the store. We drove down by the ocean and stopped to talk but soon could not see out the windows… It then began to hail. A rare thing where we live.

The rain was coming so heavy that the fastest speed of the windshield wipers was barely helping at all. We decided maybe it was better to drive back up the hill and get home… As we headed up the hill…. rain… what looked like gushing streams were flowing down either side of the street… if a car was parked on the side the water was rushing upward and pouring over the side of the car… my girls thought maybe a hydrant had leaked out… but it was the sheer force of the water running downward towards town from the hills. It was pretty surreal. We made it home through many flooding streets just in time for a huge hail storm.

I cannot imagine what it must have felt like in the days of Noah… but I guarantee you that knowing my God is bigger, better, faster, stronger and in control of the storm gives me so much peace.

He always provides a place of shelter in the storm… a shelter that will protect and see us through the storm to a place of safety. I love the promise that a rainbow brings and I love that God is even in charge of the “storms” we face in our hearts.

Whatever storm you face… whether it has been around a while or it came on suddenly, I just want to reassure someone out there today, don’t fear – He’s got this y’all! The Storm WILL NOT overcome you! Remember, Jesus spoke to the storm- He commanded it to “be still” and the storm stopped. HE is speaking that to the storm in your heart. BE STILL. HE is in charge and will fight for you and protect you….  That’s all. Be blessed.


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