Dreaming of Endless Summer.

IMG_4641Welcome to Spring Break in Pacifica. I am currently dreaming of Summer….Never Ending Summer…. but then the reality hits me: Never Ending Summer. Never Summer! I guarantee you that even though I traveled to and spend time in San Francisco and at nearby beaches. I did not really know the first thing about the weather here. Yes, I always brought gloves and a scarf and even a coat when headed the City or the Coast from  just  45mins away in the East Bay. I knew that the fog rolled in and that it was often chilly at the beach. I just always went back home. Somehow I never really knew that it is NEVER SUMMER here. We have summer break, but there is not a season that is consistently and increasingly warm… even hot. This is a brand new concept for me.

Well, back up… I grew up in rainy Portland, Or… I waited all year-long for July and August… our summer months. All other months required an umbrella as a back up accessory. But summer… it was long-awaited for each year. Fast forward… at the age of 21 I married my super gorgeous man and moved to Northern California. I swear I had never seen the sun and a clear sky in the month of January… this began a long love affair with the beautiful weather that is in the East Bay of San Francisco. It was cold in the winter but clear skies often and sun… Summer always came early. March and sometimes February boasted of 80 degree weather – Summer was HOT… but playing in the water was so fun- the most coveted night was a balmy 75 degree night. I loved it but I never knew how much.

Moving here was wonderful and yet it was a Lot’s wife moment for me…. a people of Israel in the desert with Moses moment.

So here I was sitting at dinner with the family when my son mentioned that he wanted to play basketball… I began to speak up and say well the weather is warming up, its almost Summmmmmer….. But then I realized that Summer here in the Peninsula of San Francisco does not come….here summer in Pacifica (Just outside SF) means grey, foggy, and 50 degrees. It is impossible to really tell you when a nice day will actually come to Pacifica…The days are unpredictable. We do have nice days… but a Heat wave is considered 75 degree high.  It comes in a random day in February or in October. Sitting at the table with my son, I realized that I was still waiting for summer that would never come. I began to feel sad… again. I had already processed all this and come to terms with having no summer here… but I was faced with a choice again. I felt my stomach sink and an empty feeling of loss come over me. A bit dramatic.. yes. But real… yes.

20121019-131412.jpgHere is where I realized that I was facing a Lot’s wife moment… a choice to look back and desire what I used to have. It was a moment where like the people of Israel… I have the promised land in front of me, but I can miss it by entertaining a complaining heart. Ouch. The correction from God hurts… but THIS Is the place HE has brought us to. It was easy to say yes in the going… but in the planting and creating process of building a new foundation for our family and our church… it can be so easy to wish it was like before….

I will not look back…. God has taken me by the hand and told me where we are going… Now the place I look back on was wonderful and not like a Sodom and Gomorrah or an Egypt…but for me the principle of trusting and obeying God is what I take from this. I have the wonderful opportunity to see the incredible things that are part of my world now that were only a dream before… And when it is beautiful here… It is incredibly beautiful… perfect actually. I also get to see how creative my God gets to be in fulfilling the desire for warm tropical get aways. Looking ahead….. I press toward the mark which God has called me onward to.

What is that thing that is calling and enticing you to look backward and complain about your forward journey? Maybe you do have a place of bondage or sin that is behind you… whatever it is, God is gently calling you to resist looking backwards! Let Him lead you forward… You can trust Him! He is not tricking you or taking you to a place that is for your failure… no He is calling you out on the water to Trust HIM> that first step of obedience is always the hardest. Choose to trust and obey today and Just see how God meets your needs! Because of Jesus we do not have to be pillars of salt destroyed by our past or desiring what is in our past. We can be more than conquerors and victorious in the land of promise he is bringing us to.

When my perspective, my heart, my mind…. is SET ON God and Trusting HIM. It is easy to see and enjoy all the wonderful things around me and I sooo love the warm days- We cherish them and enjoy them. Every day foggy or sunny, cold or warm…. is a gift!

He has GREAT plans for us!




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