Grave Robbers – a quick Easter post. :o)

IMG_2023Here I am in the middle of the busiest weekend ever for a Pastor. It’s Easter – so bring on the planning, the easter egg hunts, inviting, last min. organizing, the store runs and hard work leading up to Easter Sunday. And guess what?  It also happens to be my kids spring break…. but poor kids – no trip for them, We are running around preparing for the huge weekend…. trying to fit in fun along the way. I think I will need a real vacation after this. lol. If you are active in ministry you can probably relate. :o)

But As I think about Easter  I am reminded that it is all worth the effort…. And that the power of the cross and the story of Jesus is active and alive today because God is still in the business of resurrection! Without the resurrection this whole story would be meaningless. Our prayer is that people come back to Jesus and are saved this weekend.

But, Here is where we can relate past our initial salvation experience.

There is a bad case of Grave Robbing going on. There are these thought patterns as Christians sometimes that seem to haunt.  They are connected to things in our lives, bringing up memories and initiating all kinds of emotions including anger, insecurity, sadness and even complaining. This causes us to be stunted or paralyzed in our walk with God.

Can I just remind you that in the midst of this war going on in your heart – There is a surge of God’s Spirit right now urging you to allow God to bring Resurrection into things in your lives that He is wanting to take care of. He is gently prodding all of us to grow and clean up in some areas.

As we Recognize this often times we respond to God and We begin to open our hearts and let God in and he begins the resurrection process in our hearts – healing us, bringing us back to life again… we see him start to work….

…..and then it happens:  The Grave Robbers show up. They are just A cheap imitation of resurrection: We get distracted, We let the Negative, Irritating, Past things, Things that make us feel guilty, Things not yet resolved….. Get in the way of the thing God was trying to work on.

These thought patterns although maybe true do not actually contain truth that will set us free, they bring no life at all! The bible teaches us to guard our hearts with all diligence…. for out of it comes the overflow of life, good or bad.  The enemy is always bringing up things that are not meant to be brought up like the negative things  that are so easy to dwell on.  They are not profitable to try to understand right now and instead of life being breathed into what was dead…  They destroy our lives! They are grave robbers.  What is in the grave (our old lifestyle of sin and pain) is meant to stay there until God brings restoration to it and brings it to new life!

OUR God is not into Grave robbing or raising a half dead zombie…. HE IS INTO RESURRECTION> What he breathes life into… comes back to LIFE completely and is RESTORED. IF life is not being produced in it… chances are God is not in it.

SO when God does bring up an issue…    We need to take care of things quickly. When God brings up an issue we need to address that thing in our heart….

Those thoughts and things stirring around in our hearts are either a God orchestrated Resurrection and Restoration season  or a clear distraction from our purpose and a tool from the enemy….I think the enemy main job is to stir up things that are negative in our hearts.

After Jesus died on the cross. The government was afraid of grave robbers, they guarded the tomb but as the miracle and rumor of Jesus Resurrection took place…. they did not believe it to be true and  started to spread their own counter rumor that it was only a case of grave robbing. That his body had been stolen… But Jesus Rose from the dead. Because He conquered death and the grave…. he come to bring things to life in our lives. Our God brings the ruins to life!

What is it that God is trying to resurrect in your life, breathe life back into and restore? Are you getting distracted by the grave robbers who are trying to remind you of all the pain, betrayal and hurt that you experienced? Is the enemy is working overtime to make you think restoration it is just not possible?

Maybe it was immeasurable hurt or insecurity caused this kind of death,

HOW to tell the difference:

Grave Robbers breath negativity and anxiety…  they steal, kill & destroy everything in their path.

Resurrection from God  comes to bring life more abundant….  You feel joy and peace,  His way brings healing to abandonment, loneliness and betrayal…especially healing our minds and hearts. Going deep into our hearts, Bringing what once caused death  back to life in a restorative way…. making all things new and a beautiful testimony for His glory. When God does digs it up , it brings healing.

So Let God bring things up, don’t let the enemy stir things up! God is still actively working in us to restore and resurrect things  – relationships, emotional healing, personal calling, ministry opportunities, giving us new ways to love on our neighbors –

The power of God working in your life to bring restoration and healing is the very thing that others will notice and understand. It is the one thing that others need. Remember: OUR God is not into Grave robbing or raising a half dead zombie…. HE IS INTO RESURRECTION> What he breathes life into… comes back to LIFE completely and is RESTORED. IF life is not being produced in it… chances are God is not in it.

As God begins the restoring resurrecting process in your life and in your heart – I dare you to recognize the difference and push out the grave robbing highly toxic thought patterns. Choose to guard your heart with all diligence – What God brings back to life in your life becomes your stepping stone, your testimony!!!


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