You cannot begin to understand the word brilliant unless you have been first in a place of dullness, or in my case fog. Funny how my British friends used this term…. and I never really understood. Now living in a place known for its foggy days, I understand. In the gray- everything is just that – gray. The Sun is hidden and clouds cover the land… sometimes to the point of nothing being seen at all. So when the Fog lifts and the Sun comes out…. Especially after a light rain… everything literally glistens… it is brilliant. The light hits the color and each and every color stands out and the gray turns to beauty and the color is stunning. The color was always there… It was just covered by the clouds… by the fog. The light of the sun reveals the color.

Brilliant is what God want to do in our lives. He desires to show His light in and through us so that our gray areas and the fog in others lives can begin to lift revealing the sun and all Its brilliance. Don’t get fed up with the Foggy seasons…. It serves a purpose, if only to reveal brilliance and the true colors God is creating in and through our lives.


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  1. Sasha says:

    What a wonderful example! Just visiting San Fran last week I know exactly what you mean! Even the fog has a purpose in our lives! ❤


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