In case I forget – Mommy Momments – Toys.

Photo on 5-5-14 at 2.16 PMHow did I get so many toys? I have been here before, but last time with was with little girl toys. Endless hours of sorting, picking up and stepping on toys. As soon as they are properly put away, just one simple victory cup of coffee and all the toys are out again. Being a mom of toddlers is crazy.

We have only a small amount of girl toys left, because I sneakily and ninja-like gave some away and threw some in the trash. I will never understand how a child can have so many toys, ignore them, want a new one…. and the very moment when I finally decide to give some away, become attached to it for life.  The real test of motherhood is when that toy has already gone out the door and then the remembering & searching begins. It’s like the child had a tracker on it. NO thought of it or care to play with it when it was here, but once it is gone…. a melt down ensues. My nine year old girl still remembers things I “gave away” when she was little…. and it is not a good memory.Image

With our move to SF we got rid of a TON of stuff, but somehow in the last 1.5 years living here… we have more toys than ever…. and a room dedicated just as a playroom. I finally got it all organized thanks to IKEA… and I am not complaining, it is a kid’s toy heaven… I would have died as a kid to have my own playroom. Sooo cool. But the full time job it takes to keep those toys in order and teach my 4 year old to clean up after himself  – I’m thinking those 5 minutes after our move when all the toys were in boxes was mommy heaven.  I love clean simplicity… and that was such an easy idea before kids. Right moms? There is nothing simple about mothering toddlers, especially when it comes to toy explosions.

A thought on Toy Trauma: before we had kids, we babysat an adorable family of 3 boys every once in a while… my husband went out and bought a huge box of tiny legos and army men for them… I stepped on so many legos and found them for years in our appartment, under couches and in random places…that I swore I would never have them again. I threw them away and sadly- my son’s have finally this year discovered that other little boys play with them… not just the BIG legos- there are small ones too. They are 7 and 4 and there are finally little legos back in my house. I did NOT buy them- they were precious gifts from friends. I guess I was traumatized and banned my family from buying them. lol.

Toy Trauma Mommy Syndrom is real people. lol. It is different for all of us – even my husband. He has different things he can’t stand when it comes to toys… but good and bad. Toy Trauma happens to us all. :o) WE are not alone.

As the kids get older it is so easy to forget the craziness I have felt in the years spent in the toddler years.

My 4 year old will soon turn 5 and go off to all day kindergarten. This is my last year as a full time mommy. So this morning… my house is cluttered from top to bottom with little boy things. Toys in every room of the house and my son is “currently playing with them all”. Buzz lightyear is flying through my house… Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and friends have their own land in my house. This morning they all wanted hugs along with my 4 years old. IT is so cute and so fun… and so messy.

I can hardly believe this season is almost over. It has been 12 years. Years I loved, hated, cherished, cried, laughed, and most of all don’t want to forget…


Last thought before I leave you hopeless about your toy explosion… IT IS ALL WORTH IT. This is only a season and it does not last!!!!

My 12 year old has favorite toys stored away, but is over playing with toys. It seems like just yesterday that she was begging me to play barbies with her… I shutter to think how many times I told her to pick up and put away her toys instead of getting down and playing with her. I know I did, but I miss those days already… They do lead to even better days of teaching make up and hair trips and real girl trips to the mall (Some of you may not be able to imagine this right now, but If I leave my boys at home- I can GO shopping for real with my girls. They don’t melt down, or hide in the clothing racks, or run off, or cry at everything, or want everything they see…… wait… some of that they still do, but It is MUCH different than the toddler days) There is hope!!!!

ENJOY the toy chaos!!! Smile, laugh, play. I don’t ever want to forget the feelings I have felt about toys.. because I want to identify with others- and remember the amazingness that comes with creativity and little minds pretending. Enjoy the journey moms and know that you are not alone!!!

So in case I forget the mommy moments I have walked through…. here goes a few blogs just focused on remembering the journey. And hopefully encouraging a few moms out there. YOU are not alone. WE all go through it on one level or another. ENJOY the journey.

(The picture below is of my 4 year old at our other toy heaven…. church Toddler Class! – Shout out to all our kids Teachers…..One more place for us to keep clean. lol.)



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  1. Crystal says:

    This is one of the reasons I love the summer. With my two little girl toddles the winter was one long mess of toys in the living room, since it’s warmed up all they want to do is go outside, hardly any toys have been taken out in the last couple days now that it’s warmed up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bayareamomma says:

      OH how I miss summer – traditionally speaking. I was outside last week on an unusual 80 degree day (seriously only happens 1x a year here) and I started remembering how all my toys all summer long were scattered all over the yard outside and the sprinklers and bikes… It was truly a “summer” toyland. ENJOY_ ENJOY!!!!


  2. Sooo true! Oh, how we can collect “stuff” for our children! Thank you for the follow and I look forward to your future posts as well! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bayareamomma says:

      Mommy “stuff” issues. lol. Thanks for stopping by. :o) Have a great day!!!


  3. Sasha says:

    I know exactly what your mean!! It is just plain depressing sometimes; the mess never ends. Great reminder of how fast it goes by though. I will live with the mess as long as it means living with my two loves! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bayareamomma says:

      Right? I can hardly believe how fast they grow up!!! and yet how it feels like forever in the process!


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