Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day. Celebrated by the world…. but painful for so many. There is a mother wound that needs to be addressed. So this post goes out to all those who suffer hearing of mother’s day events…because of painful memories, having lost a precious mother, never having met your mother, having an abusive mother, having a broken relationship with your mother, having lost a child, never having the ability or opportunity to become a mother…. YOU are not forgotten. We honor you this Mother’s day as well. Praying for you today!

I have those very close to me who have lost children. My own mother was pregnant just about 40 years ago with her first. She and my dad were married a little later in life (24 & 25 – lol, normal now, but not then) So they were anxious to have children. They were so full of hope and excitement… only 3 moths left – the last trimester. So being that my mom was 6 months along, she went for one last vacation without kids. My aunt and uncle, my mom and dad were all relaxing by the beach in Oregon. She began to have a stomach ache, went to the bathroom and to her horror delivered a stillborn baby – Can you imagine the pain, terror, fear and much more that she must have felt at that moment. They called the ambulance…. and for “1 billion” dollars they took her – across the street too the hospital. Dad didn’t know it was close. AT the hospital- my mother delivered another child… so tiny and heart beating… but just for a little while. She LOST both her babies ON vacation. I cannot imagine the pain my parents felt as they cried together after loosing not one, but two children. MY mom then had to endure an entire trip home from vacation before she found the comfort of her own home and bed.

Our God is such a restorative God. My parents LOVED God and found comfort and hope in Him alone. So about a year later, then comes me…. AT 8 months along with me…. my mom goes into labor. In the hospital again. She delivered me and I weighed 3.7 lbs.  They wisked me away and put all kinds of feeding tubes, monitors and the like on me…. They didn’t even get to hold me at first.  When they did, MY dad could hold my entire body in his one hand. I can only imagine how through tears and pain they must have held me…. how fear must have gripped their hearts. I stayed alive (I’m quite a fighter) but my weight went down to 3.3lbs before I started to respond and gain weight. They only saw me with feeding tubes attached to my little body at first…. I cannot imagine what was going through their minds. They had to wait an entire month to bring me home from the hospital. I wonder if they thought it would ever happen.

Then…. my mom had another miscarriage…. and then at 7.5 months along- she delivered my brother… lungs not yet developed- He lived in an incubator for about 2months I believe. My mom never delivered a baby at 9 months…. 8 months was as far as she ever got and she has 4 of us.

She had many miscarriages… I cannot imagine what she must have felt as she never had a normal delivery- how she had to deal with the pain and fear of loosing those first babies every single time.

My parents are heros! They named my older brothers… Peter and John. We always talked about them… I always drempt of how my brothers would have protected me… and many cute boys I could have known if I had twin brothers who were older than me.

As the story of redemption goes… God gave me a wonderful husband and as I was getting ready to get married… my dad came with tears in his eyes and told me how my husband was the exact age of the boys he had lost… almost exactly- and my husbands name: Jonathan.

There is restoration after pain. Whatever your pain today- YOU are not alone. So many quietly stand hurting with you. Let God restore your pain and turn it into something beautiful. Maybe you feel lonely. Let me be the one to tell you…. I am thinking about you. And God is waiting to show you how much his love can do in your heart. Give Him your pain today and he promises to give you REST for your soul.










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  1. Sasha says:

    Mother’s day can be such a painful and heart wrenching day to so many. Thank you for sharing this; these words need to be told.

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  2. kscarbrock says:

    Beautiful post. I have several friends who have lost children and mothers and these days of remembrance are always bittersweet. Thank you for sharing!

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