5 Monday Morning Mommy Tips:


IMG_45571- Keep the Baby wipes

I never go a day without baby wipes. Before kids I did not know the power of baby wipes. 12+ years into motherhood and I cannot imagine a day without them.  It has been almost 2 years since my last child gave up diapers. Not only are baby wipes great for messy diapers…..They are everything wipes.

They are stashed in my car, in my kitchen, in bathrooms… and definitely in my suitcase. They double as : kleenex, dry bath, makeup remover, toilet cleaner, replacement for swiffer wet mop, car cleaner, on the go wet wipe, vacation rescue for everything, duster. I will always have a love affair with them.

All moms know the power of baby wipes. Just thought you should remember you don’t have to give them up after diapers and that they can be used for so many things too :o)

2- Create Favorites Time

It always feels good to have a favorite and indulge in it. Sneak in “favorites” breaks…have that glass of ice tea or that piece of chocolate… Watch that sunset, or that favorite show – lol. I am not asking you to be selfish. But i AM giving you permission to have a few sacred things.

Word of advice: As the kids get older…. make a favorite Snack Hide out. Your favorite snack also becomes your child’s favorite snack. So in stealth fashion, Find a hideout. Warning: kids are excellent at finding these hide outs… so switch it up often. I had to learn this lesson long before motherhood… as a youth pastor our amazing teens loved my favorite things too. HIDE Them if you want to indulge in them… :o)

You may have to do this for your favorite stuff too as as your family gets older. Favorite shoes, make up… It’s ok to keep them sacred only to you.

Als0- LET YOUR kids have favorites too! Use their favorites as rewards. It’s ok!!!!

3-Put YOURSELF first. Wait what?

I know it sounds selfish, but it is actually wisdom. There is a reason on an airplane we are instructed to put our own mask securely before attending to our children. Unless we are receiving air we will not be able to take care of those little ones in our care and both of us will be lost.

GET READY for your day…. even if it is after the morning breakfast- get kids to school routine.

GET READY Spiritually- Read the Bible and Pray. I guarantee you that just setting yourself- mind, soul and spirit up for your day will tap you into all kinds of grace for the day ahead. ASK God for help before you even face the challenges of the day. Do it before you get out of bed. check your attitudes at the cross at the 1st of your day. HAVE a delicious breakfast, a cup of coffee and a little God time.

Pamper yourself -Get Dressed head to toe and Put your Make up on, It will make you feel so much better.

If you stay at home… I know staying in your comfy clothes and not having to do any makeup and hair can be sooo great… I am “famous” for my mommy bun and makeupless face. BUT after years of running around like this- it caught up with my self esteem. Even if you only do it 2-3 times a week…  I challenge you to get ready for no reason at all. I guarantee you will get more done when you feel good about yourself. Also- put it in your schedule to pamper yourself. If you can, get your hair done, work out, do your nails. We let ourselves go first, and this is the one area we excuse away. Do something nice for yourself and wear your favorite outfit-   –  do it. :o)

4- Give yourself permission to use electronics to your favor.

We live in a guilt infused world. We hear how bad electronics are for our kids. I want to challenge you to use electronics not feel guilty for them. We live in a unique time in history… different from even the way we were raised. We don’t have to reject modern technology… but we can participate with wisdom. We already have such a genius group of young kids growing up… lets use every resource available to help them learn…. download educational games, the kids bible app, great movies, and fun…. use it to your advantage in the grocery store, in the car, while waiting… use it as reward systems. Use wisdom and pray for guidance, but stop feeling guilty. This is our society. We are privileged to live in this day.

5- Go do your favorite things with your kids.

Don’t just tell the kids to get outside… go with them. Life goes by super fast… enjoy your life. Go for a hike, go swimming, ride bikes, play games, go to the mall, join a sports team, play hopscotch, jump rope, shoot hoops, build bonfires, make smores. I am reminding us all to not just mindlessly go about the everyday things of life… but make those everyday life moments special… it does not take a lot of money to make a memory.  PUT DOWN THE CHORE LIST and make this your motto: “please excuse the mess, the kids are busy making memories”

I know there is a Godly balance to life and you must use discretion and wisdom to teach your children responsibility, honor and good character…. I am only reminding us to have FUN in the process.

Bonus: YOU don’t have to keep up with your friends. You can do things differently than them. You can have differing food convictions, and still be right. You don’t have to answer every phone call right away. You can say no to things. Your job is to just be the parent God has called you to be… You answer to an audience of one and you are responsible to raise them in a way that will lead them to know and believe in God.




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  1. It’s going to be ending of mine day, however before finish I am reading this
    fantastic paragraph to increase my experience.


  2. Sasha says:

    I really enjoyed each and every one of these! My favorite is the baby wipes though–those things are the greatest gift known to mankind I think! 🙂


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