Burlingame: A Booming Kid-Friendly Borough

These are some nice family options….Only about 15 mins from San Francisco –

Red Tricycle

Burlingame has a longstanding reputation for being a prime spot for families on the Peninsula—it boasts terrific schools, tons of trees and parks, and a tight-knit community made up of friendly neighbors. As of late, it’s developed into an even hipper ‘hood, attracting cool new shops, fitness studios, and eateries. And with the renovation of Burlingame Avenue complete (and Broadway not far behind) kids and their parents can stroll along the downtown’s widened sidewalks hitting up all the latest spots in style without ever being far from the beautiful outdoor spaces that first put this family-friendly hotspot on the map.

sienna laguna parkPhoto: Laguna Park by Jenn Wade


Washington Park
Washington Park is Burlingame’s oldest and best known, located downtown a block from the Avenue and adjacent to the community center.  It offers two play structures—one for littles and another for bigs—with an impressive eight slides total. There’s also monkey bars, sliders, climbing walls, ladders…

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