Dear mom of preschoolers:

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.17.41 PM“It’s 5am, do you know where your kids are? Mine are in bed, but I am awake because I am a clean freak and this is the only time I can clean…. I can actually feel the house getting dirtier.
I love my kids and my husband, I have this incredible life, … I should be happy so why do I feel this way? ….”

As I sat down to watch the movie “Mom’s Night Out”…I could tangibly remember it, in fact I could actually feel the quaos, panic and helplessness….like the beginning moments of the movie was written about my own life … Pretty much the  entire first 5 -10 mins of this movie is what my last 13 years have felt like….I see me in the different characters but all combined into one! So….I’ve been wanting to write an encouraging blog to all my “mops” (mothers of preschoolers) out there…,  I watch you week after week doing such a great job with your little ones, On the airplane, at church…. I am just on the other side of your reality. And this movie kinda tugged at my heart. You see when you come to me for advice, I kinda just want to tell you what the Pastors wife, Sandra did:

“It’s all gonna be ok, just give it 5 years!” lol ….because I am in the place where I can see that it is actually truth, but….

But today, instead, I’m gonna say something different… I want you to know that it’s all normal! You are not crazy! The mess, the hours of cleaning, and changing diapers, potty training, and then you turn around and you have to do it all over again! The constant pull of what others think you do and the inability to explain why you feel so tired or can’t hang out with your non-mom friends, or explain why your floor is always dirty.


All the unseen things! They all matter! From one mom to another, you are doing a great job! When you Teach your children about the unconditional love of Jesus, when you wipe a tear, or get irritated as well as comforted by super loud happy laughs! When you do the best you can, when you surrender daily in the random moments you have to go to God…. He is so proud of you! Just for being you!!! It does not rely on if you are a StayAtHomeMom or a WorkingMom or somewhere in between… If you are organic, paleo, meal planner, or Pinterest addict …, You are doing it right! The only one you have to answer to is God!

Don’t give into depression, or insecurity or comparison. Don’t look at anyone else’s life and flush your own. Instead, reach out for God’s grace!!! HIS divine favor and ability to get through your day! He said it was yours, that He would help you! I promise, relying on God through the last 13 years of motherhood has been my anchor. He’s never failed me… And he won’t start now!

So here is a few more lines of the movie that I personalized just for you!

Dear mom:

“Your life needs to change for you to be happy = false.

True = You don’t smile all the time, but you’re choosing to smile more…. At the little things… At your crazy, over the top kind of beautiful life!

You are a failure = false! You make plenty of mistakes But you are right where God wants you to be and He has given you everything You need to be a mom. You may feel like a mess, but You’re a beautiful mess to me and to God….and that’s enough.

So smile at the little things, take time to laugh in the middle of the messes and cherish the crazy…. Cause you and God have got this!!! Now, go arrange for a mom’s night out with a  few friends…. I promise you will feel refreshed! love you.


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