The storm before the calm…

Soo good. Mom’s you need to read this!


In my house, I am that storm. Yup. I have lost my patience guiltily over not so serious things, like the water they spilled, the food under the table, the light being on in the bathroom, the toy box having too many toys, the list can go on.  I have been that storm that looses patience when my 4 year old is curious about WHY the “rain has to come today,” the day that she wants to play outside and my only answer doesn’t make her feel better so she asks me “BUT WHY”.  When I am thinking about all these other things like bills and payments, if I gave Jax his iron meds, if Lezaiah and I got our mother- daughter date, am I spending enough time with Noah, and have I paid attention to my husband AT ALL, but keep hearing “mom, mom, mom, mom” so I am quick to…

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